Alla Veneziana – @Vignola, Rocca di Vignola – Thursday, October 27th at 9pm – Grandezze & Meraviglie 2018


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Thursday, September 27th  at 9 pm


Rocca di Vignola

In collaboration with Concorso M. Pratola 2017, Conservatorio A. Casella de L’Aquila

Sonate e Concerti à tre e à quattro:
la musica della Laguna a spasso per l’Europa

Gregorio Carraro flauto barocco
Gabriele Pro violino barocco
André Lislevand viola da gamba
Daniele Rocchi clavicembalo


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The music of all time have travelled non-stop, migrating from one country to another, exerting cultural influences and generating continuous renewal. The program launches suggestions on the musical environment between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, how the instrumental music of Venice has left an indelible mark on the European music scene. the program offers examples taken from the instrumental repertoire “à tre e à quattro”, or sonatas and suites, in which all the instruments of the staff have a concerted part, or in dialogue with each other. The Weimar ensemble is the winner of the VII edition of the M. Pratola Competition (L’Aquila), with which the festival collaborates since its first edition.


on the place 30 minutes before the concert


Modena – IAT (biglietti), Piazza Grande 14, tel. 059 2032660

Vignola – Rocca, piazza Contrari 4, tel. 059 775246

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