ARTI A CONFRONTO- December 11th, 4.30 pm-Conference

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Friday, december 11th, 4.30 pm
Accademia Nazionale di Scienze, Lettere e Arti
(Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 59)

Musica, pittura, scultura, architettura dal Barocco al Neoclassico
Presentation of the volume (CTL, 2020) with Tobia Patetta

The book presented is divided into thirteen entries, of which each has a part dedicated to figurative arts, one to architecture, one to music. It examines the situation of these artistic languages in the central decades of the eighteenth century. It outlines an interdisciplinary framework of European artistic culture by alphabetically organised concepts. It is based on the rich literature produced in the eighteenth century, which often offers the reader some analogies, between music and painting, between music and architecture, comparing the form or the effect on the viewer. It is also for this reason, despite the fact that each different artistic language always draws on its own traditions, and operates within particular contextual situations, that in many cases it has been possible to compare the different arts closely. The book proposes a consistent, articulated explanation, able to overcome disciplinary boundaries and to explain in a different way, perhaps even surprising, the transition from baroque culture to neoclassical culture.


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