Santa Editta – @Sassuolo, Palazzo Ducale – September 18th at 8.30pm – Festival Grandezze & Meraviglie


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Tuesday, September 18th at 8.30pm


Palazzo Ducale

In collaboration with Festival Barocco Alessandro Stradella



Vergine e monaca, Regina d’Inghilterra

Oratorio di Alessandro Stradella

SANTA EDITTA Cristina Fanelli;

HUMILTA’, NOBILTA’ Paola V. Molinari;

GRANDEZZA Chiara Brunello;

BELLEZZA Leopoldo Punziano;

SENSO Andrej Lenart

Stradella Y-Project

Direzione Andrea De Carlo


It is part of the multi-year project with the Stradella Festival, for the rediscovery and revival of the compositions of the musician of which the Estense Library holds most of the work. This oratory saw two Modenese executions in 1684 and 1692 at the Oratory of San Carlino Rotondo. The figure of Edith of Wilton (961-984) at an young age refuses the veil and to become Abbess. Subsequently, offered to her the throne of England, she refused it. Despite this she loved the luxury and at the reproaches of the bishop of Winchester she answered that only God could judge her actions and to look beyond appearances. She was made holy by the will of her half-brother.


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