Serenata sull’acqua: Pò, Imeneo e Citerea – @Ferrara – September 26th at 9pm – Festival Grandezze & Meraviglie


Wednesday, September 26th at 9pm


Palazzo Bonacossi

In co-production with Anima Mea



Pò, Imeneo e Citerea. Serenata a 3 voci di Bernardo Sabatini


PO Bryan Sala; IMENEO Li Donghan; CITEREA Xu Xiwen
Parm.M.A. Parma Musica Antica

Francesco Baroni, director



Very rare execution of a celebratory composition dedicated to the Duke Farnese, which weaves mythology and territory (The river Po). The story sees the Po River as protagonists, intent on calming the dispute between Hymenaeus (protector of the marriage rite) and Citerea (Aphrodite) for supremacy over what is “true love”, precisely between that expressed in the depth of conjugal love or in the superficiality of the love of beauty. At the end, Hymeneus and Citerea come to a happy accordance.

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