Associazione Musicale Estense was founded in 2000 with the main purpose of broadening the knowledge and enhancing the heritage of early and baroque music with specific reference to the musical culture expressed in relation to the ex Estensi territories.

The association gathers among its members simple enthusiasts, music experts, administrative, legal and financial experts, all voted to contribute to the project exclusively in a voluntary purpose.

The Association’s and its Festival Musicale Estense aims are:

  • To promote the knowledge and the distribution of the early, baroque and classical music performed with old musical instruments or similar;
  • To enhance the musical heritage of the Estense period by boosting the creation and distribution of new productions based on documentary research with specific reference to the Estense culture;
  • To work together with Italian and European institutions that are pursuing similar purpose;
  • To restore the cultural and artistic significance of premises and historic sites of Modena;
  • To enhance the connection between places of musical execution, in terms of the acoustic and destination, and the music performed, pursuing a coherence of the musical choices that enriches the significance of the places itself;
  • To support training activities in terms of listening and the practice of early music directed to young audiences and schools, arranging specific activities;
  • To ensure a high quality of qualitative and scientific content by promoting the organization of research, training and release activities: conferences with experts and artists, classes, seminars, concerts, editorial productions, records, multimedia and many more.

Among the activities promoted and pursued by the Association there are:

  • Public relations
  • Hall service (during the concerts)
  • Advertising
  • Press office
  • Concert planning
  • Educational activities



Governing organs


Governing organs

Fiorenza Franchini

Francesca Gentile

Alessandro Amedeo Mucchi

Management board
Marco Bernabei
Fiorenza Franchini
Francesca Gentile
Matteo Giannelli
Alessandro Amedeo Mucchi
Giovanni Paganelli
Melissa Pitzalis
Lucia Scaglione
Francesca Tedeschini