AMAN SEPHARAD – August 22nd, 7 pm

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Saturday, August 22nd, 7 pm
[In case of bad weather, Chiesa di S. Pietro, 9 pm]
MODENA – Boscomartello, via Malmusi 172

Musiche dalle comunità ebraiche del Mediterraneo
Ensemble Sensus
Marco Muzzati, direzione

In the green setting of Boscomartello, emerges Sephardic music: a sweet lament, happiness veiled with melancholy. Female songs, transmitted from mother to daughter, like the same Jewish lineage. Sephardic music is in fact the music of the so-called “Spanish” Jews: Sepharad is the ancient name of Spain, their homeland. Secular music of oral tradition, of the people who scattered from the Iberian coasts throughout the Mediterranean.


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1. Por que llorax (Andalusia) – Ballad from four Spanish romances from the fourteenth century, about the story of Count Dirlos who abandoned his wife and children to go to war.

2. Nani nani (Spagna) – lullaby / ballad about a woman’s jealousy for her husband.

3. Scalerica de oro (Turkey) – song for marriage; wish of rich wedding to a bride of poor economic condition.

4. A la una yo naci (Andalusia) – lullaby / love song.

5. Ay que buena que fue la Hora (Bulgary) – song for marriage: “oh, che bella quella danza in cui vi feci la mia promessa di matrimonio”.

6. Cantar del Saidi (Tetuàn – nord Marocco) – a ballad about a girl in love with the valiant Cid Campeador.

7. Morena me llaman (Andalusia) – song for marriage; A girl complains of her doubts and low social status, as she is so beautiful that even the King’s son would want her.

8. La Galana y el mar (Salonicco – Greece) – song for marriage; exaltation of the beauty and the qualities of the bride.

9. Durme durme (Turchia) – lullaby; loving song in which the mother enumerates the stages of growth of the daughter until she also has children.

10. Avrix mi galanica (Mediterraneo orientale) – love song; in the funny text the two young lovers look for a way to be together without being discovered by the relatives of the girl.

11. Noches, noches (Sarajevo – Bosnia) – ballad; heart breaking song at night.

12. Salgash Madre (Bulgaria) – song for marriage; the mother of the groom is distressed by the arrival of the future daughter-in-law, who will take away her son, but finally exalts the bride and welcomes her with great confidence.

13. Esto quen lo culpa (Turkey) – social singing; a song that in a “playful” tone is about an unwanted pregnancy.

14. Buenas noches Hanum Dudu (Salonicco – Greece) – love song: a serenade between lovers.

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