Festival Grandezze & Meraviglie 2018 – Opening @Semelano (Montese) – La Città delle Dame – August 24th


August 24th, starting 9:00 pm – free entry

SEMELANO (Montese)

Pieve dei Santi Pietro e Paolo


Ovvero la storia di Cristina da Pizzano

In memory of Mirco Caffagni


Claudia Caffagni voce, liuto, salterio;

Livia Caffagni flauti, viella;

Paola Erdas clavisimbalum, voce narrante


A story that tells how love is always the winner, the love for art, for knowledge, for being a woman, for our own family, for our own man, for our own religious beliefs. The Caffagni sisters and Paola Erdas recreate in music and poetry the figure of the first woman who lived of her work as a writer, through the music of her time, of the authors she loved: Cristina da Pizzano (1365 – about 1430), Venetian of birth, welcomed in France with his family, called to the court of King Charles V the wise. An ante litteram feminist who exercised her creed without resentment, without forcing, full of extraordinary grace and ability that allowed her to conquer a place of importance and respect by the great of the time in spite of the difficulties. The music is by du Fay, Binchois, de Machaut, Landini and anonymous Italian and French.

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