Sacri Concentus e Inni Ariosi – @Sassuolo – October 18th at 9pm – Festival Grandezze & Meraviglie 2018


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Thursday, October 18th at 9 pm
guided tour of the church at 8 pm

Chiesa di San Francesco

Thomas Eisenhuet, Hans Leo Hassler, George Muffat
Giuseppe Gonelli, Giovanni Bonaventura Viviani

Francesca Cassinari, soprano
Ensemble Pian & Forte


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The main character is the German and Italian sacred music of the Baroque period, enhancing the encounter between the voice, the historical organ of the Church (Traeri 1761) and the natural trumpets. Of ancient origins (but certainly used until Beethoven), the natural trumpet is twice the length of the “modern” trumpet and, compared to the latter, it does not have “pistons” or other mechanisms that allow production of all the notes, but only of the “natural” harmonics of the scale in which the instrument is intoned: all the sounds that are emitted are selected exclusively with the labial ability of the performer.


on the place 30 minutes before the concert

Modena – IAT (biglietti), Piazza Grande 14, tel. 059 2032660
Sassuolo – URP, piazza Garibaldi 56, tel. 0536 880801



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