Salve Regina – @Montombraro (Zocca) – September 2nd at 4.30pm – Grandezze & Meraviglie 2018


Sunday, September 2nd MONTOMBRARO (Zocca) at 4.30pm

Chiesa del Santissimo Salvatore

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Musica di Antonio Vivaldi & Al.


Maria Chiara Gallo, mezzosoprano

Giovanni Paganelli, organo Traeri (1694)


The concert, performed on the choir of the precious Traeri organ (1694 with materials from the 16th century), completes the series of Marian music, this time dedicated to the Cross and to the exaltation of the sacred figure. Among these we find the spiritual sonnet “A pie ‘della gran croce” by Frescobaldi, at the Stabat Mater of Sances and the Salve Regina by Scarlatti

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