SCARLATTI & IL FLAMENCO – September 15th at 5 pm – Grandezze & Meraviglie 2019

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Sunday, September 15th, at 5pm
Ridotto del Teatro Comunale

Amaya Fernandez Pozuelo, clavicembalo

In collboration with Fondazione Marco Fodella


In the vast cembalistic production of Domenico Scarlatti two souls coexist: one tendentially aristocratic, and the other that we could define popular. In simplifying his Sonatas, two elements can essentially be distinguished: the marked and tight rhythmic element, and the melodic element with wide expressive liberties. This model had such force as to be adopted by the contemporary Iberian musical world that adopted it unanimously. The Scarlattian soul with a popular character is marked by the influence of the gypsy-Andalusian world that enlivens and characterizes some of his compositions. In addition to the performances of the pieces, the concert includes the illustration with extemporaneous explanations and examples of this influence, which enriches the already extremely high complexity of Domenico Scarlatti’s production.

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