Musica allo specchio: all’antica o alla moderna? – @Modena – September 15th at 9pm – Festival Grandezze & Meraviglie 2018

Saturday, September 15th at 9pm


Chiesa di S. Bartolomeo

As part of festivalfilosofia

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MUSICA ALLO SPECCHIO: all’antica o alla moderna?

Trios for Boccherini arches


Jody Livo, baroque and classic violin

Natalia Duarte Jeremías, baroque and classic viola

Giacomo Biagi, baroque and classical cello


The six trios Op. 47 of Boccherini are performed in part with antique instruments according to a historically informed instrumental praxis, partly according to traditional precepts with modern instruments. The phenomenon of ancient music has developed in Europe in the last 70 years and is based on some key concepts such as authenticity, study of original sources and editing of editions “Urtext”, the recovery of original instruments, the study of instrumental techniques and ancient vowels, performances adherents to the contemporary testimonies. In the concert and academic environment there is an almost “ideological” opposition, between defenders of the traditional approach and of this new one, competing for the primacy in the understanding of the authentic meaning of some repertoires, following as a beacon the critical concept of “author’s true intention “.


The concert is part of the events of the Festivalfilosofia 2018 dedicated to: “Truth”.


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